Enzo Sarto of Enzo & Nio

About Enzo Sarto

Enzo Sarto is a liar and a charlatan, a direct descendant of Romulus or Remus and he was born in a small village outside of Rome, Italy. He grew up poor and bored often skipping school in favor of spending long days in the local library. In 1980, he moved to the USA with his family where he was ridiculed for his accent and large pumpkin-like head. After a considerable struggle and concentrated effort he eventually overcame his accent but his head still resides awkwardly atop a modest but strong neck.

Sarto's successes in life all share a common theme in that they have been less-than-legal or outright distasteful. Early on, he was wrongly encouraged by his parents to pursue his art, which he has done ceaselessly and valiantly but to no positive effect.

Professionally, Enzo Sarto lingers in a netherworld of unprofitable stagnation and dismay. He has worked as a baker, commercial fisherman, security officer, musician, painter, laborer, nurseryman and a variety of other positions he is ashamed to name.

He has been rejected by every organization, society, club, religion and cabal to which he has applied. He trusts very few people and cannot be trusted around women. He likes monster trucks and cheap red wine.