About Enzo & NioEnzo and Nio, Rome, Italy

Enzo Sarto met Nio Gallo in 1994 when both were hired a day apart to work at an undisclosed tree farm at an undisclosed location. They developed a friendship based on a love of hard work, the outdoors,  music, dancing, absurdity, sexual excess and hallucinogenic drugs.

Their first collaborative venture into art took place at a H.O.R.D.E. festival where the pair, while under the influence of psilocybe cubensis, manifested a piece of improvised performance art. They managed to convince most of a crowd of 20,000 that a small florescent orange flame-shaped "HOT" sticker represented a revolutionary concept and therefore had value well beyond its obvious intent. The group spent the day fielding passionate requests for the stickers and asking people to perform tricks and favors for them. H-O-T, it's a three-letter word for "revolution".

Separated for a time by life, legal battles and geography, Enzo and Nio reunited and soon after began their present work assaulting the streets of a grateful world with their art, philosophies and odd sense of humor.

They are based in their beloved Brooklyn, NY and still love hallucinogenic drugs and easygoing women with a lax sense of personal space.